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220V MMA Welder, 200A ARC Welder Machine IGBT Digital Display LCD Hot Star

220V MMA Welder, 200A ARC Welder Machine IGBT Digital Display LCD Hot Star

220V MMA Welder, 200A ARC Welder Machine IGBT Digital Display LCD Hot Star

220V MMA Welder, 200A ARC Welder Machine IGBT Digital Display LCD Hot Star. 37.1 x 29.5 x 16.1 cm; 3.81 Kilograms. Advanced IGBT Inverter Technology:Powerful welder capable of welding mild steel, weld steel, stainless steel and cast iron. IGBT power device with unique control mode improves the reliability of welding machine.

High Efficiency and Energy Saving: Pure copper core cable and Inverter welder reduces the damage of copper and iron. It switch AC to DC then produce the proper voltage and current. Safe and Stable: Closed-loop feedback control, built-in fan and ultra-low voltage intelligent regulator on the machine, stable output voltage, easy to start in unstable voltage area.

Features with over current protection and over load protection to ensure safety. Portable Design: The arc welder is compact and lightweight, easy to movement and store. The stick welder features a easy carrying handle handle, easy to carry and can be moved to any place.

Multi Use: 200A MMA welding machine is widely used, very suitable for outdoor maintenance, farm, road equipment, maintenance and repair. The welder is suitable for DIY, Maintenance, Repair and Metal Fabrication. Perfect welding performance, ideal for welding stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and other metal materials.

DEKO (Designated for Extraordinary Kindness Only) always abide by the high performance, low-cost brand promise. DEKO tools is based on home users and tool enthusiasts at home and abroad who need to tailor the high-end tool brand.

High-intensity body has structural strength and durable characteristics, with multiple solid frame of the solid handle, easy to get and store, suitable for daily and professional work and other scenes. High-performance fully mute fan motor with instant cooling function, promote body heat dissipation, The synchronous control system provides protection mechanisms.

Voltage accurately matches and adjusts the current to ensure a stable current output, prevents overload conditions, and the multiple processing protection mechanism improves welding efficiency and ensures your safety. The machine is equipped with high-efficiency and low-cost cutting technology, can be widely used in automobile manufacturing, plumbing work, metal processing, strict construction work, site work, high-quality welding and thin material precision welding.

Electrode Holder with strong clamping force, good conductivity and easy operation. Work Clamp is used to clamp and manipulate the electrode. Why choose our DEKO MMA ARC Welding Machine? This is our DEKO 160A MMA Welder which will enable you to obtain a professional finish in welding.

Car bodywork, and many other thin steel welding process. With this welding tool, you can now. Experience many advantages of the MMA welding process. The welding voltage can be continue adjusting to exactly match welding current. On-off frequency is out of audio frequency, nearly abate the noise pollution.

Special welding dynamic characteristic control the circuit, stable welding arc. Little spatter, good welding surface, high welding efficiency.

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220V MMA Welder, 200A ARC Welder Machine IGBT Digital Display LCD Hot Star